Florida Association of Environmental Professionals - 
Tallahassee Chapter  (FAEP - Tally)
Welcome to FAEP - Tally!

The FAEP is an interdisciplinary association of environmental professionals in Florida.  We offer a forum in which the state-of-the-art environmental planning, research, and management is advanced.  The FAEP is a focal point for objectivity, ethical standards and technical excellence in our diverse profession.  

The FAEP offers a vehicle for the growth and advancement of FAEP members around the State.  It is a medium of professional contact and information exchange among colleagues in business, government, and academics while offering a foundation for structured career development from student to registered environmental professional.

The Tallahassee Chapter exists to further this mission in the Tallahassee region.

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FAEP-Tallahassee Chapter
Tim Perry, President
Florida Association of Environmental Professionals
2060 Delta Way
Tallahassee, FL  32303

(850) 521-0700

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